Short story: Our first organized party in hometown

Short story: Our first organized party in hometown

End of the summer, 2017.

The very last moments of a crazy summer with a lot of great memories made. A small group of young and adventurous soon-to-be university students. They have always waited for it, waited for the opportunity to go out into a real world and take on all the challenges ahead of them.

A few weeks left until the end of the summer. How do we finish this summer? How do we mark the end before starting a new episode in our lives? – We gotta throw a big house party. That’s how we want to end this summer, we want it to be fun and REMEMBERable

So we started working for it, we wanted to make it all nice and organized, make it a bit more official, with the name and everything. We started arranging the music, lights, activities and other general things. It was fun and exciting because it was something new to us.

The summer is almost over, it’s 24th of August. We didn’t have too much time, but we made it happen. Friday evening, everybody’s off work and ready to have some fun. A pretty big house party with a chill zone outside, custom bracelets at the entrance, a beer pong table inside, a special room for the people who are going to pass out and a big piece of fabric attached on the doors of the garage with a nametag “REMEMBER”. Around 50 people gathered around to dance, chat with each other and see what they are up to. The party started really well with a lot of great vibes and drinks. In midnight we even had our own fireworks going up in the air followed by our screams and excitement. And then everybody went even more crazy partying and having fun.

It was a great party overall, some great time spent, everything turned out pretty successfully and there were people dancing up until the morning. The special room, mentioned before, did fill up a bit with some people, though. And for us, it was a really great and enjoyable experience organizing such a thing that gave us some ideas for the future…

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